Ranking Vaccines A Prioritization Software Tool ed by Lonnie King etall

"Ranking Vaccines: A Prioritization Software Tool: Phase II: Prototype of a Decision-Support System" ed. by Lonnie King et.all
NAS Press | 2013 | ISBN: 0309266386 9780309266383 | 161 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book discusses the methods underlying the development, validation, and evaluation of SMART Vaccines 1.0. It also discusses how SMART Vaccines should–and, just as importantly, should not–be used. The report also offers ideas for future enhancements for SMART Vaccines as well as for ideas for expanded uses and considerations and possibilities for the future.

The issue extends the proof-of-concept presented in the Phase I report, which was based on multi-attribute utility theory. This report refines a beta version of the model developed in the Phase I report and presents its next iteration, SMART Vaccines 1.0.

Brief Contents
1 Introduction: New Vaccines and SMART Vaccines
2 Refinements to the SMART Vaccines Model
3 Data Synthesis, Software Redesign, and Evaluation
4 Observations and Looking Forward
Appendix A: Computational Modeling for SMART Vaccines
Appendix B: Candidate Disease Profiles
Appendix C: Data Sources and Methodology for SMART Vaccines
Appendix D: Verification and Analyses of the SMART Vaccines Computational Model
Appendix E: Stakeholder Speakers
Appendix F: Biographical Information

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