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robot builder guide

robot builder guide

Learning robotics by yourself isn¿t easy. It helps when the encouragement comes from someone who¿s been there. Not only does “Robot Building for Beginners” assist you in understanding component parts of robot development, but also it prepares you with techniques to learn new discoveries on your own. Author David Cook begins with the anatomy of a homemade robot and gives you the best advice on how to proceed successfully. General sources for tools and parts are provided in a consolidated list, and specific parts are recommended throughout the book. Also, learn basic safety precautions and essential numbering and measuring systems. An in-depth analysis of digital multimeters gives you all the information you need to select and obtain this valuable tool for yourself. Other tools and parts covered include: motors, wheels, resistors, wire strippers, needle nose pliers, tap and die, alligator clips, LEDs, solderless breadboards, soldering irons, heat-shrink tubing, photoresistors, transistors, chips, gears, nut drivers, screws, cut-off wheels, connectors, and batteries. “Robot Building for Beginners” is an inspiring book that provides basic, practical knowledge on getting started in amateur robotics. Author Information David Cook – David Cook is an engineering section manager at Motorola. He has 20 years of experience as a software developer, creating everything from award-winning computer games to mobile background-check applications for police. Having self-taught himself electronics and basic mechanics, he comfortably relates his recent years of robot experiences to the average backyard scientist, without scholarly intimidation.

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