Scalix Linux Administrator#x27;s Guide

Scalix: Linux Administrator's Guide: Install, configure, and administer your Scalix Collaboration Platform email and groupware server By Markus Feilner
2008 | 276 Pages | ISBN: 1847192769 | PDF | 9 MB
High-end email and groupware is a domain where only few vendors can provide solutions. It is where companies like HP, Novell, or Scalix offer reliable and scalable products. And Scalix is the only one that has licensed parts under a free and open-source license (Scalix Public License). Scalix runs on Linux, is free for up to 10 users, offers a lot of possible features, ranging from caldav or syncml to clusters, and supports any client. Its flexible architecture gives you the freedom to choose your hardware platform, desktop client, security, directory, and storage infrastructure.
"With over one million mailboxes deployed, 140,000 Community Edition downloads, 5,500 community forum members and almost 700 corporate customers, the Scalix collaborating platform is the most field-proven Linux e-mail and group calendaring solution available to enterprise." –The Scalix website
With the right know-how, Scalix can be managed easily, and several thousand mailboxes are possible on a single server, Web GUIs and command-line tools help the administrator, and Scalix integrates easily with other professional tools, such as OpenVPN, Nagios, and others.
During its history of almost 20 years, many tools and programs have been developed for Scalix to help you with your routine work. While the official documentation has several thousand pages, which are not all up to date, this book gives a detailed overview from installation to advanced setups and best practices for configuration and security. It will help you implement and manage both the free open-source Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition of Scalix.The author provides both a concise description of the features of Scalix and an easy-to-use starting guide for those new to administering it. By bringing together material that might take days to find online this book is a real timesaver.

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