Scientific Unarmed Combat The Art of Dynamic Self-Defense

R. A. Vairamuttu – Scientific Unarmed Combat: The Art of Dynamic Self-Defense
W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd. | 1954 | ISBN: N/A | English | 91 pages | PDF | 18.85 MB

This interesting book on unarmed combat is based on the Cheena-Adi, a Chinese based foot fighting art and Ju-Jitsu. The author is very competent master practitioner of both forms. The author used his mastery of these forms to stream-line the techniques for practical defensive application for the layman. The author does a good job to expel the showy and traditional moves focusing on combat oriented style with practical body throws, low line kicks and striking techniques targeting vital points on the selected adversary. Unlike other self-defense book of easy to learn combatives, the author stress the linkage between the importance of fitness program in conjunction with a combatives routine; pretty solid and straight forward advice. This book is illustrated and a worthy addition to your professional library.

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