Sensitivity Analysis in Practice: A Guide to Assessing Scientific Models

Sensitivity analysis should be considered a pre-requisite for statistical model building in any scientific discipline where modelling takes place. For a non-expert, choosing the method of analysis for their model is complex, and depends on a number of factors. This  book guides the non-expert through their problem in order to enable them to choose and apply the most appropriate method. It offers a review of the state-of-the-art in sensitivity analysis, and is suitable for a wide range of practitioners. It is focussed on the use of SIMLAB – a widely distributed freely-available sensitivity analysis software package developed by the authors – for solving problems in sensitivity analysis of statistical models.Other key features:

  • Provides an accessible overview of the current most widely used methods for sensitivity analysis.
  • Opens with a detailed worked example to explain the motivation behind the book.
  • Includes a range of examples to help illustrate the concepts discussed.
  • Focuses on implementation of the methods in the software SIMLAB – a freely-available sensitivity analysis software package developed by the authors.
  • Contains a large number of references to sources for further reading.
  • Authored by the leading authorities on sensitivity analysis.

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