Surface Effects and Contact Mechanics IX: Computational Methods and Experiments-Download Mediafire

J. T. M. De Hosson, C. A. Brebbia, “Surface Effects and Contact Mechanics IX: Computational Methods and Experiments”
English | 2009-05-21 | ISBN: 1845641868 | 289 pages | PDF | 11.7 mb

The importance of contact and surface effects in modern engineering and their combined effects led the organisers to reconvene this 9th International Conference, which covers two related topics: Computational Methods and Experiments in Contact Mechanics and Surface Effects. Nowadays the importance of contact and surface problems in many technological fields is well understood. They are complex and inherently non-linear due to the moving boundary and the different properties of materials, particularly along the contact surfaces. Structural components fail by wear, corrosion, high cycle fatigue etc, that is to say they are affected by surface conditions. The use of surface treatments can reduce the cost of components and extend the life of the elements for surfaces undergoing contact, a problem that is specifically addressed by the Conference. This book contains papers from the Ninth International Conference on Surface Effects and Contact Mechanics: Computational Methods and Experiments, and discusses the following topics: Surface treatments; Thick coatings; Thin coatings; Surface problems in contact mechanics; Indentation and hardness; Fatigue; Numerical analysis; Applications and case studies.


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