The Amazing Secret of KI

Dr. T ed Gambordella, "The Amazing Secret of KI"
2001 | pages: 140 | ISBN: N/A | PDF | 17,4 mb

I wrote this book as a companion book to my best selling title “END OF INJURY”. Which was the first book ever to try to use Martial Arts Techniques to prevent athletic injuries, improveperformance and develop a positive mental attitude. END OF INJURY was the first book to approach the teaching of KI to the general public. Before KI had always been a “secret” of the martial arts and if it was taught at all, it was only taught to a very exclusive group of black belts.
I first learned to use my Hard KI in 1976, and I wrote my book END OF INJURY in 1980. It was an immediate hit with the professional and amateur sports market, and is one of the most endorsed books in history on injury prevention. Having endorsements from the University of Texas, University of Oklahoma, Rice University, Louisiana State University, Oral Roberts University, Louisiana College, The Houston Rockets and New Orleans (now Utah Jazz), and dozens of high schools. While the END OF INJURY approached KI in a very scientific manner, it did not develop the understanding of the concept of KI and how to really develop you KI in great detail. In this book THE AMAZING POWER OF KI. I go into much greater detail on how to develop your KI and much more detail on the physical training, stretching and mental conditioning required to master KI.
The Flexibility and Weight Training sections are an entire book in themselves and in fact are found in their entirety in SECRETS OF MARTIAL ARTS FITNESS. I am using them complete here because they are simply the Exact exercises and techniques I used and continue to use to develop my KI and keep my KI strong at 54 years of age.
If you will practice the techniques shown here diligently. If you will not TRY TO DO HARD KI before you are ready and will only practice “Positive reinforcement” ( by that I mean , you do not get Hurt, EVER when learning KI). You will be able to fully develop your KI in about 2 months, and once developed, it is like riding a bicycle. You will have it forever.

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