The Directors Take Four

The Directors: Take Four By Robert J. Emery
2003 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 1581152795 | PDF | 4 MB
Some of today's most acclaimed film directors reveal intimate, behind-the scenes details of their most influential work and their unique approaches to their art in this book. It offers in-depth interviews with ten directors: Cameron Crowe, Adrian Lyne, Tony Scott, Phillip Noyce, Milos Forman, Frank Darabont, Wolfgang Petersen, David Cronenberg, Mike Figgis, and Neil Jordan. From insights into the craft of directing to reminiscences of on-the set pranks, this volume shares detail on the making of films from "Fatal Attraction" to "The Crying Game", "Amadeus" to "Top Gun", "The Shawshank Redemption" to "The Fly". Readers will learn directors' earliest reactions to scripts for films that became classics; how famous scenes were staged and shot; how unknown actors landed major roles and went on to become superstars; how underdog films confounded expectations; and much more. It contains each director's filmography, complete listings of major awards, and cast credits for all films discussed.

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