The Secrets Kyusho – Pressure Point Fighting

The Secrets Kyusho – Pressure Point Fighting by Stefan Reinisch, Juergen Hoeller, Axel Muluschka
2012 | ISBN: 1841263613 | English | 224 Pages | PDF | 7.50 MB

Every action in Martial Arts and self defense aims at discovering the opponents weak points, exploiting them and finally disabling him/her without injury or to bring him/her under control. Although our knowledge about the build-up of the human body has multiplied, in many books on the subject of Martial Arts an explanation concerning the effect of various striking and pressure techniques has reduced to mentioning merely causes pain, paralyzes, death . Explanations are missing or are left in the realm of the esoteric. However it would be appreciated very much, if not simply from a standpoint of personal responsibility, if the followers of Martial Arts delved more into the possible medical outcome of their actions.

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