Turboexpanders and F'rocessApp|ications

Turboexpanders and F’rocessApp|ications.pdf


We planned this book to be an up-to-date overview of turboexpanders and the processes where these machines are applied in a modern, costconscious plant environment. Therefore, the text addresses construction features, application criteria, functional parameters, and selection guidelines. It is clearly intended for the widest possible spectrum of engineering, technical support, maintenance, operating, and managerial personnel in process plants, refineries, air liquefaction, natural gas separation, mining, design contracting, and many other industries.

The book covers both cryogenic turboexpanders that are used to recover power from extremely cold gases, and hot gas expanders that recover power from gases reaching temperatures well in excess of

1,000°F. Because energy recovery applications ranging from 75–25,000 kW exist in virtually any process that uses high-temperature and/or highpressure gases, properly designed turboexpanders will play an increasingly important role in modern industry. It is our hope that we have managed to thoroughly explain why, when, and how to use these machines—in both theory and practice. We, therefore, delve into issues

and guidelines, overview comments and details, procedures, and techniques that most turboexpander owner/operators and specifying engineers need to know.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive text that elaborates on the rather skimpy treatment given to turboexpanders elsewhere. It is clearly the first book explaining magnetic bearing applications for this machinery category.

In terms of audience, this book should be of unique interest to a very wide spectrum of engineers, technicians, supervisors, operators and managers in virtually every user plant environment. Recent technical graduates, experienced and advanced individuals from air separation facilities, chemical plants, refineries, natural gas processing plants, mining, design contracting, and other industries will benefit from this highly practical, well-illustrated text.




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