Unite the Tribes Leadership Skills for Technology Managers, 3rd Edition Ending Turf Wars for Company and Business Success

Unite the Tribes: Leadership Skills for Technology Managers, 3rd Edition: Ending Turf Wars for Company and Business Success By Christopher Duncan
2013 | 244 Pages | ISBN: 1430258721 | EPUB | 1 MB
Every day, customers see the results of divided companies. Regardless of the manner in which their company's fractures manifest themselves, however, corporate leaders must find a way to rid their workplaces of the divisions that threaten to undermine their company's productivity, profits, and survival. That's why, in Unite the Tribes, bestselling author Christopher Duncan provides corporate leaders with a ten-step plan for joining their company's divided ranks together in a way that helps employees achieve their goals while also accomplishing those of the company.

Using the metaphors of the company as empire and the disparate groups that form within companies as tribes, Duncan explains that the formation of tribes within an empire is unavoidable, and to some extent, it may even be natural. After all, regardless of the situation in which they find themselves, human beings are social creatures that have aligned themselves with those whose goals and motivations match their own for centuries. The job of corporate leaders, however, is to build a cohesive, powerful, and enduring empire—which is why, in Unite the Tribes: Leadership Skills for Technology Managers, Duncan reveals:

  • How to build alliances and a spirit of unity across all levels of a company in order to achieve higher employee morale, greater profits, and increased productivity;
  • How to effectively communicate to employees the reality that their long-term prosperity as individuals operating within a company depends upon the long-term prosperity of the company itself;
  • The many forms of conflict that can form both within and without a organization;
  • How to discover what truly fulfills employees of a company and help them acquire it;
  • And much more.

With Unite the Tribes as their guide, corporate leaders will learn that the way that great empires of the past have been established has been through the efforts of visionary leaders who understood that they could prevail only when they were able to convince their tribes of a simple but crucial truth: Alone, you are weak and vulnerable. United, you are invincible.
What you’ll learn

  • Readers of Unite the Tribes will learn:
  • Practical, down-to-earth approaches to problem solving and productivity that make sense to corporate leaders who have to do real work in the real world.
  • How to arrive at a plan for uniting the disparate groups that operate within their company when faced with the daily reality of office politics, maneuvering, ambition, incompetence, and short-term thinking.
  • How to convey the company's purpose to employees in a way that is realistic and meaningful so that all workers can contribute to the company's greater good.
  • How the Ten Pillars of the Empire (Vision; Leadership; Organization; Mobility; Competitiveness; Persuasion; Strategy; Brilliance; Morale; Unification) can help their employees and their company achieve their individual and joint goals.

Who this book is for
Regardless of the industry in which their company operates, those serving in leadership or managerial capacities (i.e., those overseeing one or more employees) at workplaces plagued with division and dysfunction will find the solutions they need to rally their employees to join forces in Unite the Tribes. In addition, leaders and managers of companies whose cohesion is still healthy yet is being threatened with fracture will be provided with real-world strategies for reinforcing the glue that holds their company together in this practical, applications-driven guide.

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