Wireless Mobile Phone Access to the Internet

Thomas Noel – Wireless Mobile Phone Access to the Internet
Published: 2002-01-01 | ISBN: 1903996325 | PDF | 256 pages | 6 MB

Wireless mobile phone access to the Internet will add a new dimension to the way we access information and communicate. This book is devoted to the presentation of recent research on the deployment of the network protocols and services for mobile hosts and wireless communication on the Internet. This book examines these two methods of Internet access and presents research papers that propose extensions and optimizations to the existing protocols for mobility support. One can assume that in the near future new mobiles will appear that will support multiple wireless interfaces. Therefore, the new version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) will be one of the next challenges for the wireless community.

Giá: 30.000 vnd
(Mang theo USB để chép file)

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