Brand Growth Barriers Identify, Understand, and Overcome Them (Management for Professionals)

Brand Growth Barriers: Identify, Understand, and Overcome Them (Management for Professionals) By Ralph Krüger, Andreas Stumpf
2013 | 170 Pages | ISBN: 3642371078 | PDF | 4 MB
How can a brand – whether products or services, B2B or B2C, big or small – get back onto a growth track, even in economically difficult times? According to the two brand leadership experts Ralph Krüger and Andreas Stumpf, this can only be achieved by systematically overcoming growth barriers. In this book they present their Brand Growth Barrier Model, which makes it possible for businesses to identify, understand and overcome the barriers to and in their own brands. Case studies from well known brands of different categories, useful checklists for daily business and a clear, practical Question and Answer System on all relevant issues make this book an indispensable guide – not only for marketing experts but also for chief executives and responsible parties in sales and controlling. ​

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