Eight Amazing Engineering Stories Using the Elements to Create Extraordinary Technologies

Bill Hammack, ‎Patrick Ryan, ‎Nick Ziech – Eight Amazing Engineering Stories: Using the Elements to Create Extraordinary Technologies
Published: 2012-04-07 | ISBN: 0983966133 | EPUB / MOBI | 216 pages | 3 MB / 3 MB

Eight Amazing Engineering Stories reveals the stories behind how engineers use specific elements to create the material world around us. In eight chapters, the EngineerGuy team exposes the magnificence of the innovation and engineering of digital camera imagers, tiny accelerometers, atomic clocks, enriched uranium, batteries, microwave ovens, lasers, and anodized metals. In addition, short primers cover the scientific principles underlying the engineering, including waves, nuclear structure, and electronic transitions. "In Depth" sections cover entropy, semiconductors, and the mathematics of capacitors. Eight Amazing Engineering Stories forms the basis of the fourth series of EngineerGuy videos found on-line.

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