Hands Off Self-Defense for Women

W. E. Fairbairn – Hands Off! Self-Defense for Women
D. Appleton-Century Company | 1942 | ISBN: N/A | English | 49 pages | PDF | 48.14 MB

Fairbairn takes the techniques and training he developed for the young female SOE agents and created a simple system for women to learn for their safety acknowledging that their attackers are likely to be male, bigger and stronger. This applies as much today in the 21st century as did in the 1940's.
Defense Against Various Holds.
Wrist Hold (One Hand).
Wrist Hold (Two Hand).
Being Strangled (One Hand).
How to Apply the "Chin Jab".
Being Strangled (Two Hands).
"Bear Hug" (From in Front).
"Bear Hug" (From Behind).
Waist Hold (From in Front).
Waist Hold (From Behind).
Hair Hold (From Behind).
Coat Hold.
Belt Hold.
Simple Counters.
The Umbrella as a Means of Defense.
Umbrella Drill.
Being Held from in Front.
A Defense Against Wandering Hands.
The Theatre Hold.
The Matchbox Defense.
Matchbox (Warning).
Car "Hold-Up".
"Give Me a Light".

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