HighwayIng Lukas Ingold & Fabio Tammaro

HighwayIng: Lukas Ingold & Fabio Tammaro By Fabio Tammaro, Lukas Ingold, Guy Lafranchi
2010 | 103 Pages | ISBN: 3709102278 | PDF | 20 MB
When cars emerged in the last century, people began connecting their cities through roadways. In the course of time, a narrow grid of roads originated. But what permits great mobility is, in the urban context, a barrier to urban relations and movement flows beyond the use of cars. The urban potential lying in these residual spaces is explored by the experimental design studio of professor Lafranchi at Burgdorf University for Applied Sciences, Switzerland. Documented in this book, the project of a research center and a world of experience Fascination of automobile and traffic by Lukas Ingold and Fabio Tammaro is based, in its constructive design, on concepts of automotive engineering as well as the parameters of the loop-shaped dynamics of a highway hub with its streets, ramps, bridges, and residual surfaces.

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