Investools – Basic Options 4 DVDs

Investools – Basic Options DVDs

Cash flow. Diversification. Flexibility.

If you know what you're doing and follow a few simple rules, options are no riskier than stocks. In fact, in some ways they are less risky, because you can commit less of your money upfront. Learn a range of strategies—such as puts, calls, covered calls and LEAPs—that can create additional cash flow from your portfolio. In the Basic Options course, you'll learn the following:

* The basics of investing with options and how to build a solid foundation
* How to evaluate whether an option is overvalued or undervalued—a skill that's critical to your success with options trading
* Specific option trading strategies and how to apply them for maximum potential returns

Full course curriculum

• Option concepts
• Long calls and puts
• Covered calls
• Straddles
• Vertical spreads
• Choosing your strategies

What Will I Learn?

• A solid foundation on the basics of options investing
• Specific strategies that meet your needs
• The ability to read the market and analyze stocks for short-term moves
• Skills necessary to fully utilize Investools option tools
• How to select the option strategy that best suits your investing style

Why Should I Participate?

• Discover the power of leverage
This course teaches how to leverage your money to increase your profit potential.

• Create monthly cash flow
Learn strategies that allow you to make a monthly income with stocks you already own.

• Find profit potential in any market
Bull or bear, it doesn’t matter. This course shows you how options enable you to find profit potential in any market.

• Improved probability
Learn how options can be understood as a probability of success, and how to trade in ways that enhance your ability to make satisfactory option trades.

• Learn to use the best
Discover the possibilities of paperMoney, a top-rated option trading platform that provides cutting-edge tools to make your trades.

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