Laser Isotope Separation in Atomic Vapor (repost)

Petr Artemovich Bokhan, Vladimir Vasilevich Buchanov, Nikolai Vasilevich Fateev, Mikhail Mikhajlovich Kalugin, Mishik Airazatovich Kazaryan, Alexander M. Prokhorov, Dmitrij Eduardovich Zakrevskii, "Laser Isotope Separation in Atomic Vapor"
English | 2006-08-21 | ISBN: 3527406212 | 201 pages | PDF | 3.8 mb

Written by leading Russian scientists, including Nobel laureate, A.M. Prokhorov (1916-2002), this first book on this important technology allows an understanding of the physics of atomic vapor laser isotope separation and new photochemical methods of laser isotope separation.

One entire chapter is devoted to chemical reactions of atoms in excited states, while further chapters deal with the separation of isotopes by one photon isotope-selective and coherent isotope-selective two photon excitation of atoms. A final chapter looks at the prospects for the industrial production of isotope products by laser isotope separation. The whole is rounded off by six appendices.

The whole is rounded off by six appendices:

– Laser isotope separation in atomic vapors
– Laser technique for isotope separation
– Chemical reactions of atoms in excited states
– Isotope separation by single-photon isotope-selective excitation of atom
– Coherent isotope-selective two-photon excitation of atoms
– Prospects for industrial isotope production by methods of laser isotope separation

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