Red-Hot Sales Negotiation Everything You Need to Know to Close Deals, Build Relationships

Paul S. Goldner, Peter McKeon, "Red-Hot Sales Negotiation: Everything You Need to Know to Close Deals, Build Relationships, and Create Win-Win Outcomes"
2007 | ISBN: 0814473547 | 224 pages | PDF | 3,7 MB

Negotiation is a key skill for all salespeople. Great sales professionals need to be able to counter clients who are naturally trying to get rock-bottom prices, but at the same time maintain a good relationship, so the client will want to do business with them again. Negotiation is more than just closing a sale. It’s the art of continuing a partnership that is successful for both parties. Red-Hot Sales Negotiation provides practical tips and strategies to help salespeople:

* prepare in advance

* ask Power Negotiation Questions to instantly draw out useful information

* learn the difference between the customer's "positions" (what they're asking for) and the customer's "interests" (what they really want)

* find a "win-win" solution.

Red-Hot Sales Negotiation is a vital resource that enables readers to perfect their negotiation skills and take their sales into the stratosphere.

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