Rethinking Marxism From Kant and Hegel to Marx and Engels

Jolyon Agar – Rethinking Marxism: From Kant and Hegel to Marx and Engels
Published: 2006-12-15 | ISBN: 0415409985, 041541119X | PDF | 240 pages | 16 MB

Rethinking Marxism re-examines the relationship between the philosophies of Kant, Hegel, Marx and Engels. Agar contends that through the idealisms of Kant and Hegel we can find the methodological foundations for the development of the German tradition of critique into the systematic materialist worldview that can be found in Marx and Engels. Furthermore, Agar argues that this Marxian materialism is broadly compatible with the dialectical critical realism of Roy Bhaskar. Agar stimulates debate with the conclusion that Bhaskar's work does not represent a sustainable and coherent form of realism and it is only when realist concepts are grounded in Marxian ontological materialism that such a form is possible.
This clear and accessible book will be of use to social theorists and political scholars, to all those looking for a new understanding of the complex relationship between Kant, Hegel, Marx and Engels and to those who seek an introduction to dialectical critical realism in general and its relationship to these giants of German philosophy in particular.

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