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Robotics and Automation Handbook-2005


This text is targeted at the fundamentals of robot design, implementation, and application. As robots

are used in a substantial number of functions, this book only scratches the surface of their applications.

However, it does provide a firmbasis for engineers and scientists interested in either fabrication or utilizing

robotic systems. The first part of this handbook presents a number of design issues thatmust be considered

in building and utilizing a robotic system. Both issues related to the entire robot, such as control and

trajectory planning and dynamics are discussed. Critical concepts such as precision control of rotary and

linear axes are also presented at they are necessary to yield optimal performance out of a robotic system.The

book then continues with a number of specialized applications of robotic systems. In these applications,

such as the medical arena, particular design and systems considerations are presented that are highlighted

by these applications but are critical in a significant cross-section of areas. It was a pleasure to work with

the authors of the various sections. They are experts in their areas, and in reviewing their material, I have

improvedmy understanding of robotic systems. I hope that the readers will enjoy reading the text asmuch

as I have enjoyed reading and assembling it. I anticipate that future versions of this book will incorporate

more applications as well as advanced concepts in robot design and implementation.

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