Taiki-Ken The Essence of Kung-Fu

Kenichi Sawai – Taiki-Ken: The Essence of Kung-Fu
Japan Publications | 1976 | ISBN: 0870403737 | English | 161 pages | DjVu | 24.86 MB

The only Taikiken book in English – written by the founder Kenichi Sawai who during a visit to China was beaten over and over during duels with a Chinese master despite being a 5th dan in Judo, 4th dan in Kendo, 4th dan in Iaido, and had experience in many other martial arts.
Contents: Preface. History of Taiki-ken. About Hsing-i-ch'uan. Taiki-ken: Characteristics. Zen. Hai (Crawling). Neri (Kneading). Mukae-te. Harai-te. Sashi-te. Daken. Practice Method. Kumite. Tanshu.

Giá: 30.000 vnd
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