The Skeptical Economist Revealing the Ethics Inside Economics

Jonathan Aldred, "The Skeptical Economist: Revealing the Ethics Inside Economics"
2009 | ISBN-10: 1844077055, 1849712093 | 290 pages | PDF, MOBI | 4,4 MB

The Skeptical Economist rejects the story told by other popular economics books. It shows that economics is not an agreed body of knowledge or an objective science. In reality, economics is built on ethical foundations, distinctive and controversial views about how we ought to live, and what we value. In this revealing and entertaining book, the author exposes these hidden assumptions, and in doing so opens the black box of modern economics to reveal that the conventional wisdom is not what it appears to be. Often the conventional wisdom has hoodwinked us; ordinary people sometimes understand the economy better than professional economists. In short, The Skeptical Economist rediscovers the ethics at the heart of economics. The book responds to Western malaise about quality of life, and a growing curiosity about economics and its relevance to these concerns. It is for readers who know that economics is unavoidably central to any attempt to improve our quality of life, but do not know why. It conveys a sense of hope, without being utopian. It is a book of ideas and will challenge us all to examine the assumptions behind the economics of our current way of life.

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