The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Training Guide

The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Training Guide: Techniques for Fitness, Self Defense, and Competition by Danny Plyler, Chad Seibert
2009 | ISBN: 1558708839 | English | 304 Pages | PDF | 10.25 MB

Regardless of your skill or fitness level, The Ultimate Mixed Marital Arts Training Guide – with more than 300 step-by-step photographs, detailed callouts, and comprehensive instruction – is the personal trainer you need to accomplish your workout goals and sharpen your techniques. You'll learn:

Cardio and strength training exercises like mountain climber push-ups, partner closed guard sit-up reaches, and the Muay Thai scarecrow
Striking and defense techniques such as the jab, cross, hook, overhand, Muay Thai knee, inner/outer thigh kick, and head kick
Wrestling and countering techniques including the dirty boxing clinch, the over-under clinch, and the Muay Thai clinch
Takedowns like the hip throw, shoot takedown, and single and double leg takedown
Jiu-jitsu passing and escape techniques for the full mount, knee mount, closed guard, open guard, and more
Winning submission moves like the arm bar, Kimura, omoplata, guillotine, ankle lock, and triangle choke
Drills to improve your punching and kicking speed and accuracy
Mental exercises to sharpen your focus, reduce your fears, and increase your concentration
Diet and nutrition techniques the pros use to stay in top fighting condition – whether they're in training mode or cutting weight before a match

Whatever your personal fitness and fighting ambitions might be, The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Training Guide is your all-in-one resource to peak physical conditioning, clear mental focus, increased confidence, and superior fighting skills.

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