Trading Systems Theory and Immediate Practice

Renato Di Lorenzo – Trading Systems: Theory and Immediate Practice
Published: 2012-08-04 | ISBN: 8847027055 | PDF | 250 pages | 5 MB

For years, systems theory has been applied successfully in all fields of technology, but its impact on the world of finance has to date been limited. This book aims to rectify this situation. Readers will no longer be able to assert that money cannot be reliably earned on the financial markets: one might just as well say that man has never set foot on the moon or that, in the age of digital remastering, it is impossible to listen to Caruso’s recorded voice without the hiss of time and wear.
The potential reader may be frightened by the number of formulas, but can be reassured that almost all of them – starting with the more complicated – can be skipped. What makes possible the miracle of guaranteed trading success are the worksheets and the codes for Internet platforms which provide functions that once had to be built with great difficulty.

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