Advancing Land Change Modeling Opportunities and Research Requirements

Advancing Land Change Modeling: Opportunities and Research Requirements
Committee on Needs and Research Requirements for Land Change Modeling; Geographical Sciences Committee; Board on Earth Sciences and Resources; Division on Earth and Life Studies; National Research Council
NAS Press | 2013 | ISBN: 0309288330 9780309288330 | 146 pages | PDF | 6 MB

This book describes various and-change models (LCMs) approaches, suggests guidance for their appropriate application, and makes recommendations to improve the integration of observation strategies into the models.

The issue provides a summary and evaluation of several modeling approaches, and their theoretical and empirical underpinnings, relative to complex land-change dynamics and processes, and identifies several opportunities for further advancing the science, data, and cyberinfrastructure involved in the LCM enterprise.
Because of the numerous models available, the report focuses on describing the categories of approaches used along with selected examples, rather than providing a review of specific models.
Additionally, because all modeling approaches have relative strengths and weaknesses, the report compares these relative to different purposes.

1 The State of Land Change Modeling
The Significance of Land Systems and Land Change Models
Key Concepts
Needs for Science and Practice
Model Uncertainty
Measurement and Characterization of Land Change
Structure of the Report
2 Land Change Modeling Approaches
Machine Learning and Statistical
Sector-Based and Spatially Disaggregated Economic
Hybrid Approaches
A Comparison of Land Change Modeling Approaches
3 Improving Land Change Modeling
Opportunities for Advances in Land Change Models
Opportunities in Land Observation Strategies
Opportunities in Cyberinfrastructure
Opportunities for Infrastructure to Support Land Change Modeling
Model Evaluation
A List of Contributors
B Online Questionnaire
C Committee and Staff Biographies

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