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Know and Understand CentrifugaI F'umps

Know and Understand CentrifugaI F’umps.pdf

Very few industrial pumps come out of service and go into the maintenance shop because the volute casing or impeller split down the middle, or because the shaft fractured into four pieces. The majority of

pumps go into the shop because the bearings or the mechanical seal failed.

Most mechanics spend their time at work time greasing and changing bearings, changing pump packing, and mechanical seals. The mechanical engineers spend their time comparing the various claims of

the pump manufacturers, trying desperately to relate the theory learned at the University with the reality of the industrial plant. Purchasing agents have to make costly decisions with inadequate information at

their disposal. Process engineers and operators are charged with maintaining and increasing production.

The focus of industrial plant maintenance has always been that the design is correct, and that the operation of the pumps in the system is as it should be. In this book, you will see that in the majority of

occasions, this is not true. Most of us in maintenance spend our valuable time, just changing parts, and in the best of cases, performing preventive maintenance, trying to diminish the time required to change

those parts.

We almost never stop to consider what is causing the continual failure of this equipment. This book will help you to step away from the fireman approach, of putting out fires and chasing emergencies.

This book is directed toward the understanding of industrial pumps and their systems. It won’t be a guide on how to correctly design pumps, nor how to rebuild and repair pumps. There are existing books and

courses directed toward those themes. By understanding the real reasons for pump failure, analyzing those failures, and diagnosing pump behavior through interpretation of pressure gauges, you can achieve

Prologue productive pump operation and contain maintenance costs. This book will serve as a guide to STOP repairing industrial pumps.



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