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Nonlinear Continuum Mechanicsfor Finite Element Ana|ysis

Nonlinear Continuum Mechanicsfor Finite Element Ana|ysis.pdf

Designing engineering components that make optimal use of materials requires consideration of the nonlinear characteristics associated with both the manufacturing and working environments. The increasing availability of computer software to simulate component behavior implies the need for a theoretical exposition applicable to both research and industry. By presenting the topics nonlinear continuum analysis and associated finite element techniques in the same book, Bonet and Wood provide a complete, clear, and unified treatment of these important subjects.

After a gentle introduction and a chapter on mathematical preliminaries, kinematics, stress, and equilibrium are considered. Hyperelasticity for compressible and incompressible materials includes descriptions in principal directions, and a short appendix extends the kinematics to cater for elastoplastic deformation. Linearization of the equilibrium equations naturally leads on to finite element discretization, equation solution, and computer implementation. The majority of chapters include worked examples and exercises. In addition the book provides user instructions, program description, and examples for the FLagSHyP computer implementation for which

the source code is available free on the Internet.

This book is recommended for postgraduate level study either by those in higher education and research or in industry in mechanical, aerospace, and civil  engineering.



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